Hyderabad: Students have to register for examination

For re-counting, the fee is Rs 100, and for re-verification it is Rs 600.

Hyderabad: Students who are applying for re-verification of their Intermediate marks should also apply for the supplementary examination before April 27, in case they have failed in any subject.

It will take around one week to ten days to get the results of the re-verification and the Intermediate Board says that it “doesn't have any remedy for this”.

However, a student who has passed after her or his marks have been re-verified can choose not to write the exam. But he or she will have to fill in an application for the supplementary examination.

Candidates appearing for the supplementary or improvement exams have to pay Rs 460 for theory subjects in general and vocational courses along with the fee of Rs 150 for each subject.

For re-counting, the fee is Rs 100, and for re-verification it is Rs 600. The difference between re-counting and re-verification is that in the latter process the student gets her answer sheet in her hands while in the case of re-counting, they would recount and verify incase of any counting mistakes.

Many still believe that only after getting the response for the re-verification they should apply for the supplementary, if required, but that is not the case.

D. Dhanuja, a parent, said that she is “running from pillar to post”, to apply for the re-verification process because “we thought we can apply for the supplementary after knowing the re-verification result. We were shocked to learn that this is not the case. Despite our result in re-evaluation, we have to apply for supplementary examinations. How can a poor family afford to do all this?”

When contacted the TS Board of Intermediate Education, its spokesperson said that this process has existed since the beginning and they cannot help it and there is no remedy for it as there is very little time before the next academic year starts and by then supplementary examinations must be completed and results released.

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