Yoga to give edge in physiotherapy course

Candidate with Yoga diploma preferred during admission.

Hyderabad: Physiotherapy aspirants who also practice yoga can gain an edge over others during admission procedures in reputed universities, as per a UGC notification released on Friday.

The notification states that, “A candidate with at least a one year diploma in yoga may be given preference in admission.” However, the preference will be meted out only if the candidate with yoga expertise has scored the same marks and shares the same eligibility criteria with another candidate who has similar credentials, but not the yoga expertise.

The notice received mixed reactions from students and educational experts. While some students said that it was a good decision as yoga does increase flexibility and one can learn about the various joints and parts of the body by practicing it, students currently pursuing the course feel that it is an unfair advantage. Swati Narayan, a physiotherapy student says, “It is good if one’s knowledge of yoga helps during the practice of physiotherapy, but to give importance for the same even before one begins learning the course is unfair. How can one guarantee that students won’t produce fake certificates for yoga diploma courses during the time of admission? Admission should be granted on merit alone.”

While educational experts question the need to include vedas, epics and yoga as part of the syllabus in many colleges, including engineering colleges, the move has been questioned stating that pracatice of yoga should not be the benchmark for a crucial course such as physiotherapy.

The decision was taken after an expert committee was constituted by the University Grants Commission to examine the possibility of giving suitable preference to graduate courses in physiotherapy to those candidates who have prior yoga experience. The decision was approved by the MHRD.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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