Hyderabad: Walkers block road, create diversions

The two old ladies accompanying him were sitting on the road and weeping relentlessly.

Hyderabad: While companies in the IT corridor are known to work round-the-clock, non-fatal and minor accidents have been happening frequently on IDL tank road in Kukatpally, leaving several techies injured in the early morning hours. Even though it is a four-lane road, the residents of the nearby area are blocking one side of the road (two lanes) every morning by putting a vehicle and stones as obstructions. They are doing so, that the people in the vicinity can walk in the morning hours. Residents from nearby areas were seen coming on vehicles to the road, for a morning walk. The stones and two-wheelers are put up at around 5 am to block the road until 7 am. Techies who travel to the office in morning hours have requested the residents to avoid blocking the road but their plea fell on deaf ears.

A techie Karthik Reddy who works from 6 am to 2 pm and commutes from Bollarum to Hitech city road said, “This has been a perennial problem not just for me but my colleagues and other cabs. There is an empty spacious ground in the nearby area. In the dark with the headlights on, vehicles coming in from both sides are frequently colliding. The cab in which we were commuting to office hit another vehicle which was coming from the opposite direction, injuring our cab mates. Recently, a Swift car hit an Innova while the walkers were just standing.” Despite reaching out to traffic officials regarding the request to allow cabs to go back and forth using all four lanes, the saga continues.

In the early morning hours, the traffic is maintained by law and order police, said a traffic official. Police Personnel were seen removing the stones around 6.45 pm. “We were 5 members in our cab, a vehicle was coming in from the opposite direction and a mirror broke on my face injuring my nose. Another female employee got her hand injured,” said Mahesh Kumar, a software employee.

According to Karthik Reddy, in February, a vegetable market van was hit by a car coming in from the opposite direction leaving the driver bleeding from the head. The two old ladies accompanying him were sitting on the road and weeping relentlessly.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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