Bilal Bagh protesters suspend anti-CAA stir due to corona outbreak

However, five women protesters will continue to sit-in at the site

Bengaluru: In the wake of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, organizers of the anti-CAA protests at Bilal Bagh in Bengaluru have decided to suspend their 45-day agitation.

However, the protest will continue with five women who will be staying at the protest site for 24 hours.

The organisers said in a media statement that no public will be allowed to the site from outside nor will the on-site women be allowed to leave the site until the epidemic is curbed.

“This is extremely sad for us to be fighting for our civil rights even during an epidemic. We’ve been given no justice by the state government or the central government of our country,” said Saqib Idrees, one of the organisers.

A symbolic protest will continue online with the hashtag #digitalinquilab.

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