Muslim Manch wants Article 370 scrapped

This initiative has attracted Opposition from a section of the people in the Old City.

Hyderabad: The Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), a sister organisation of the RSS, has launched a signature campaign in the city demanding that Articles 370 and 35a of the Constitution be abrogated.

MRM leaders contended that the Articles were harmful to the country and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They should be abrogated since they do not support the constitutional directives of unity and equality.

MRM state convener M.S. Sattar said that a White Paper had been issued after detailed discussions across the country demanding scrapping of both Articles. He said the people of Jammu and Kashmir had been deprived of basic rights of development like education, industrial development, health, communication and infrastructure development.

He said such provisions destroyed the image of the Muslim community because the general public was under the impression that Kashmiri people were getting undue advantages with these Articles. In reality, there was nothing in the hands of the Kashmiris due to such provisions.

Mr Sattar said no one from outside the state could purchase a piece of land there and could not establish industries, education institutions and other allied platforms of development. “We will send more than 10,000 signatures to our headquarters from Hyderabad,” he said.

This initiative has attracted Opposition from a section of the people in the Old City. Many people refused to endorse such activities and said it created needless debates and confusion among the common people. “We are in no way concerned with these articles as it deals with the Jammu & Kashmir.”

Mr Mohammed Farooq, secretary, Gouse Khamooshi Trust, said the RSS was dividing the Muslim community by raising such issues. It formed the MRM to achieve its designs. In cities like Hyderabad there was no space for such activities.

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