Hyderabad: Delhi puts Nizam Mir Osman jewels on display

Mr Khan said, “Each item is exquisite and has a history of its own.

Hyderabad: The Nizam’s jewels have been put on show the National Museum in New Delhi after 12 years and the Nizam’s family members from Hyderabad were invited for a viewing.

They requested that the jewels must be showcased to people as it reflected the history of the Deccan region.

The last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan’s grandson Najaf Ali Khan said the government must arrange for a display in Hyderabad.

The Nizam’s jewellery consisted of 173 items belonging to the two trusts created in 1951, the Nizam Jewellery Trust and the Nizam Supplemental Jewellery Trust.

Mr Khan said, “Each item is exquisite and has a history of its own. Whether it is the Jacob Diamond which was used as paperweight or the Kanthi Almas Kanval necklace made of gold, diamonds and precious stones or the Kanthi Dholna Almas wa Mothi which has 54 diamonds and on the sides, exquisite pearls.”

He said this was the heritage of Hyderabad city. “We want that there must be a display in our city too so that the people can see them. A new structure with top security systems should be constructed for the exhibition which should be open to the public all through the year.”

The family was invited by the curator and Director of the National Museum Dr B.R. Mani to view the jewels and the postage stamps which are being showcased in New Delhi.

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