Illegal drivers skipping RTA tests for licences in Hyderabad

Over 5,000 booked for no licence in 20 days.

Hyderabad: Despite the Courts sending motorists to jail for driving without a driver’s licence, several hundred motorists are not appearing for the learner’s licence test despite booking the slot. Not just this, several others have failed to clear the test.

Over 5,000 motorists have been booked for driving without a licence in the past 20 days alone and about 60 of them have been sent to jail. The remaining drivers were let off with a warning — first time offenders were also fined. Those caught without a licence for the third time have been sent to prison.

Of the total 15,000 who had booked slots with various RTA offices across Hyderabad from March 1 —when a special drive to prosecute motorists without a licence began — over 1,500 either remained absent or failed to clear the test.

Officials claim there remains a worry that many of those who were absent or failed the test are continuing to drive illegally. “Everyday about 500 people are being booked for driving vehicles without a licence. Many of them just know how to drive but do not even know the basic traffic rules and road signs,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Hyderabad Traffic) A.V. Ranganath.

The Road Transport Authority (RTA) officials said the question bank for the learner’s licence test is available online on the transport department web site but people are coming without proper preparation. The Joint Transport Commissioner T. Raghunath said some slots remain empty on working days as well as on Sundays.

“The questions asked during the online test are only from the question bank on our website. There are three categories — on road signs, rules of the road, regulation and general driving principles. There are 400-odd questions in all, in the the question bank,” he said. Those who have booked the slots can also practice online before coming to the RTA office, the official added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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