Bengaluru: Anxious mum waits to hear from techie son missing in Brusels subway blast

Raghavendran's mother - who lives in Mumbai - heard of the blast from her other son.

Bengaluru: At 12.31 pm on Tuesday, Annapoorni Ganesh skyped her son Raghavendran Ganesh, and the mother and the techie, employed by Infosys, spoke for at least an hour before he said he had to get ready and leave for work. She is traumatised by the fact that this could be the last time she would hear her son’s voice. Frantic with worry, she is waiting for any information on her son as Infosys admits that of all the employees in Brussels, he is the only one they cannot reach.

Raghavendran’s mother - who lives in Mumbai - heard of the blast from her other son, who lives in Germany and who had called her within minutes of the Brussels bombs. Raghavendran’s phone has been unreachable since the blast, which not only tore through Brussels airport but the subway of the metro at Merode in Park Station which the Infosysian frequently uses.

Annapoorni called a colleague of her son’s who told her the heart-breaking news that Raghavendran had not turned up at work on Tuesday. The techie’s wife who was living with him in Brussels in Belgium and is pregnant only came to her mother's house in Chennai in February. The techie had been living and working in the Belgian capital for the last 4 years.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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