Students holed up in Wuhan continue to be restricted

Despite Chinese authorities announcing relaxation of restrictions, there has been no evidence of it on the ground

Kochi: In the coronavirus epicenter of Wuhan in China, the authorities announced easing of some restrictions and said they gave permission to healthy non-residents to move out.

However, Deccan Chronicle has learnt from a Wuhan University medical student from Kerala that the stringent restrictions are continuing and that there has been in reality no relaxation on the ban on moving out.

At present there are no students from India remaining in Wuhan University as Indian citizens have been evacuated from virus-hit Hubei province.

“I called my (non-Indian) friends in Wuhan University this morning. What they told me is that they are not being allowed to move out of the apartment even to buy food. When these students came to know about the news on easing of quarantine measures, they checked with their university authorities. But the university made it clear that they are yet to get any official communication in this regard,” said the student.

“Earlier they were allowed to go out to purchase necessary items. But when restrictions were made more stringent, going out was totally banned. Food items are being supplied by online food delivery firms. However, there is no scarcity of food and other essential goods. The students in Wuhan have enough stocks. Service of cabs or other public transport has not been restored,” one of the students added.

Meanwhile, Wuhan University, where a large number of Indian medical students are studying, has asked the evacuated students to remain in their own countries until further notification is issued.

“As it is the semester break for us from February 13, we will not miss many classes,” the student told Deccan Chronicle.

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