Hyderabad: Karachi Bakery forced to restate Indianness

Action after Bengaluru mob protests against name.

Hyderabad: To ensure that there is no mob mentality towards the name, the owners of the famous ‘Karachi Bakery’ chain have decided to distribute pamphlets and put up banners outside their stores affirming that it is a 100 per cent Indian company.

This follows an incident in Bengaluru on Friday, when a mob of about 40 people in the age-group of 30 to 35 years entered the bakery in Indiranagar and demanded that the name of the outlet be changed.

The mob was not ready to listen to the explanation of the staff with regard to the name, and demanded that they must change it. To satisfy the mob, the managers covered the name ‘Karachi’ and displayed an Indian flag.

Mr Harish Ramnani, Managing Partner, said, “We have approached the Bengaluru Commissioner and he has promised full co-operation. To ensure that these kinds of incidents are not repeated in other outlets, we are going to put up banners and will also be distributing pamphlets to customers who visit our stores. We are an Indian company based out of Hyderabad. We are now spread all over India and have presence in many retail outlets. This is a 66-year-old brand and we do not want to get into any kind of controversy.”

This is the first time that the bakery has seen an outburst of anger at their store outlet. The managers stated that they have not faced hostility of this kind in the past. The three outlets in Bengaluru, one in Delhi, one in New Delhi and another in Haryana is going to have additional security stated the management.

Mr Ramnani said that his great grandfather Khanchand Ramnani started the business in 1953.

The family had migrated from Sind to India in 1947 and came to Hyderabad in 1953.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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