Bengaluru: Hourly parking in commercial units

Apartment complexes to be utilised too. Traffic police awaiting nod from owners, building managers.

Bengaluru: The City traffic police are looking for a solution to the vexing problem of road side parking, which often slow down or even chokes traffic flow, and are even toying with the idea of utilising vacant spaces in commercial buildings and apartment complexes to park vehicles, for a fee.

A senior traffic police officer said, “A few residents from Seva Nagar had approached us claiming that their area is filled with cars parked on the road side, thus making it difficult for vehicular movement. They even offered a suggestion that the nearby apartments and commercial buildings have vacant parking spaces, which can be let out on an hourly basis and people can park at these places instead of road side.”

“We thought about it and found that it will be good idea, but the apartment owners and those managing commercial buildings will have to agree. The vehicles parked will have to pay a certain amount per hour. The owners will have to take a call and there is no compulsion,” he added.

He said the idea was placed before the other senior officers, who told that the BBMP should also be informed about the idea, as they can let us know about the amount of vacant spaces available in the buildings across the city.

Another officer thought that the idea might work well if adequate security is provided at these parking spaces. “Renting out parking spaces in apartments might be opposed by the residents. They would be worried about the safety. But the owners can charge for parking and this amount can be used to tighten security. But all this is still being discussed. There is no harm in experimenting it,” he said.

They officer added that they are trying various other ways to curb road side parking.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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