Man conned of Rs 25000 by Anna varsity canteen staff'

The accused said he wanted to sell off old and used vessels in Anna university canteen as it was buying new utensils.

Chennai: Police have launched a hunt for a man who conned the staff of a cooking vessel showroom in Parry’s of Rs 25,000 by posing as a canteen staff in Anna University. The conman identified himself as Jayaprakash and approached the showroom saying that he wanted to sell off old and used vessels in Anna University canteen as the canteen is buying new utensils.

A staff of the shop, Senthil Kumar (40), accompanied Jayaprakash to Anna University on Thursday. Jayaprakash had showed him vessels washed and kept near the kitchen. Senthil Kumar had evaluated the cost to be '25, 000 and told the same to Jayaprakash saying that the vessels are old and only that much could be given.

Jayaprakash had agreed to the same and collected the money and went inside the canteen saying he would hand it over to his supervisor and get the receipt. However, he never returned for a while after which Senthil Kumar went inside the canteen to enquire the staff.

It was only then did he realise that he was conned. He came to know that there was no person named Jayaprakash. Senthil Kumar then filed a complaint with the Kotturpuram police station. A case has been registered and further probe is on.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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