Three bins for trash? Bengalureans clueless

Residents have doubts regarding waste classification; problems lie in collection, transportation of garbage.

Bengaluru: With the BBMP all set to launch a mega campaign on three-way garbage segregation at source, Bengalureans will, after years of anticipation, learn what waste belongs in which bin! The Palike’s campaign for mandatory segregation at source began back in 2012, although the initiative continues to flounder.

Helping people understand the need to segregate was an uphill task in itself and the BBMP, having moved on to the implementation phase, has found itself facing a whole new set of roadblocks.

“What type of waste are bones and where should hair be disposed?” are still the most asked queries during workshops.

The workshops and presentations aside, the real gaps lie in the collection and transportation of garbage, which has clearly dampened the people’s enthusiasm to segregate at source.

Lalita Monderetti of Kasa Mukta, Bellandur, says, “The BBMP needs to follow a systematic pattern of collecting wet waste everyday and dry waste only once a week. For instance, if dry waste is collected only on Saturday, there will be no confusion among citizens and BBMP workers.”

“However, though the BBMP has announced that it will follow this procedure in all wards, actual implemenation only takes place in a few. Waste is mixed during the transportation process as well,” she said.

With reports surfacing that the BBMP plans to make composting compulsory at every house (30*50 and above dimensions) and apartment complexes, Lalita adds that composting would also curb contractor mafia in the city.

She suggests that when citizens engage and involve in garbage segregation, it becomes easier for the BBMP to implement 100 per cent garbage segregation at source.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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