GHMC needs a summer plan

The municipal body does not have an action plan for summer.

Hyderabad: The municipal body does not have an action plan for summer, though such a measure is required in law. The minimum basic needs in the hot season are shelters and water service centres. Unlike in the West, the municipalities have never thought of installing mist machines at major junctions to bring the temperature down. The mist machines spray water in micro mini-droplets. While it is not enough to wet passers by, it does help bring the local temperature down.

The only time this was installed was during the Hyderabad Marathon last year. Indeed, the GHMC hasn’t thought about the summer and is already working on its monsoon action plan, which includes desiltation of major nalas for Rs 30 crore. Architect and urban planner G. Shankar Narayan said, “Hyderabad earlier had fountains at the junctions. The one at NTR statue has disappeared, the one at Gulzar Houz is defunct.” Urban fountains that tend to cool the area around them and work as sprinklers, he said, are needed in a dry city like Hyderabad.

The city needs shade-giving trees on sidewalks. But then, sidewalks, where they exist, are in a poor shape. “Saplings are being planted in the middle of the road, and the branches are hazardous to traffic,” Mr Narayan said. Having shelters is important as the concrete and tar road radiate heat. “Well-designed bus stops are needed,” he said. The Water Board has a plan in place for the next three months. Board managing director Dr B. Janardhan Reddy said water was being piped from Nagarjunasagar, 110 km away from the city, and Yellampally (Godavari), at a distance of 186 km.

It will implement the automatic vehicle tracking system to ensure that the free tanker service is effectively used. Dr Reddy said unaccounted for water ranges from 38 to 70 per cent and should be brought down to 35 per cent. The board plans to set up ATM-like water kiosks where people can purchase water.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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