Hyderabad: Cops keep close tab on anti-CAA activist

Khalida Parveen was part of protests at Toli Chowki.

Hyderabad: Social activist Khalida Parveen, who was booked by the Toli Chowki police for flash protests, now finds that police personnel are keeping a tab on her every day.

Ms Parveen, a middle-aged woman, has been a part of the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act and was present in the flash protests organized by women at Toli Chowki.

On Wednesday evening, two police constables came to check where she was and whether she had ventured out for a flash protest.

In turn she asked them, “Where is the protest?” to which they told her that it was important for her to tell them wherever and whenever she goes.

To make her point clear she offered them tea and for 30 minutes gave them an insight on her right to protest and why she was against the Act.

Flash protestors have time and again been detained by the police and let-off. But she is being constantly followed. There are policemen in plain clothes in her neighbourhood, all through.

A lot of people come to meet her seeking help and it is becoming a challenge to move out. She said, “I have carried out my democratic right to protest and have explained the same to the police. Yet they continue to check on me.”

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