Hyderabad: Marredpally in grip of monkey menace

A resident of Marredpally said, “We have this problem day in and day out on our streets.

Hyderabad: Residents of Marredpally are getting frustrated with the consistent monkey menace in their colonies. West Marredpally is one of the favourite and frequently visited hosts of the monkeys. The monkey menace has increased to such a level that at times, they even enter the house, thereby terrifying the residents, specially the children.

A resident of Marredpally said, “We have this problem day in and day out on our streets. They are most active from around evening time till midnight. People who come home late from work are the ones who are most disturbed as the constant noise affects their sleep. Kids are also unable to play freely in the streets as they are terrified of the monkeys. People have stopped going for evening walks too. We need a permanent solution to this problem.”

According to the residents, Konda Reddy Street No. 1 in West Marredpally and the streets of Padmaraonagar has numerous monkeys who practically live in the colony trees and swing from the telephone wires. Residents are troubled as these monkeys pick up milk packets which are kept outside the door in the mornings and litter the garbage from the dustbins.

GHMC officials keep rushing in whenever they receive a complaint and try to get hold of them with much difficulty by using monkey catchers. However, there is always another batch of monkeys that are ready to enter the colonies again. In order to have a long-term solution for the problem, earlier the State Forest Department had constituted a committee to work out ways to keep the monkeys away.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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