Hyderabad: Hijama, Islamic cupping therapy, back in demand

Since 2010, he has treated hundreds of patients. He says it is very cost- effective, particularly when treating back, joint or leg pains.

Hyderabad: Hajama or Hijama, the therapy that uses cupping for treatment of various ailments, is gathering a lot of attention from the younger generation of Muslims. This therapy is as old as history; it’s a divine monistic norm explained by the prophets who recommended people to practise it.

Cupping is a method of relieving local congestion by applying a partial vacuum that is created in a cup, either by heat or by suction.

Prophet Muhammad resuscitated the Hijama that had been forgotten for long. There are many Hadith on the Prophet recommending Hijama for Muslims and the entire humanity.

There is a well-known saying of the Prophet: “There is cure in three substances; a drink of honey, incision with a knife used for Hijamah (cupping) and cauterising by fire. And I forbid my Nation from cauterising by fire.”

This therapy was used for a while after the Prophet, but was gradually forgotten. However, it has made a comeback, and how. The present generation has rediscovered the benefits of Hijamah; it has gained popularity over the last decade among both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

According to the Sunnah, Hijama is practiced on the 17th, 19th and 21st dates of the lunar month. The method is very easy, even a layman will be able to practice Hijama therapy by doing it a few times under an expert’s guidance.

Dr Farah Tasneem, a Unani doctor, said, she has 12 years experience in Hijama. She said in her research it has been seen that Hijama can cure many diseases from head to toe, migraine, spondylitis, acidity, constipation, piles, infertility, PCODS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and other gynaec disorders, joint pains, heel pain, low back pain, slip disc, tail bone pain, etc.

“It is the best detoxification process. It is scientifically proven that the blood that comes after giving small 0.5mm cuts on the affected side of the body is bad blood or toxic blood,” Dr Tasneem said.

She claimed that this therapy was useful in the most complicated cases affecting women, and it has solved leucoderma, chronic migraine, infertility, hypo and hyperthyroidism permanently.

Mohammed Arshad Ali, who also performs Hijama, said he trained under Dr Mohd Shafi who acquainted himself with the technique in China.

Since 2010, he has treated hundreds of patients. He says it is very cost- effective, particularly when treating back, joint or leg pains.

On a question pertaining to the association of lunar dates with the therapy, Mr Arshad Ali said there is a relation between the moon and Hijama.

He said the Messenger of Islam apprised the time of Hijama to be in the springtide with the progression of the lunar month from only the 17th day until the 27th day.

Mr Arshad Ali the moon has a gravitational affect on the earth despite its smaller size, and its mass constitutes one part out of 80 parts of the mass of the earth, and its distance from the earth is 385.000 km. This short distance makes its gravitational force make great cupping more beneficial on the 17th day of lunar month.

He says in this therapy, one needs only a pair of gloves, new sterilised blade and cups, cotton swab, cupping injection and a table.

“For one session, the total cost will be around Rs 250 to Rs 350, depending on how many cups are used. “We bring cups from Mumbai, where we get them at around '60 rupees each,” Mr Arshad Ali said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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