Apples, now grown in Adilabad too

Region's low temperature extremely conducive for fruit's growth.

DHANORA (KUMARAMBHEEM ASIFABAD): The old Adilabad district is being called another Kashmir, thanks to the bone-chilling temperatures which helped the progressive farmers cultivate apple orchards and reap a plentiful first crop of high-quality apples, red and sweet. One instance of a progressive farmer is Balaji Kendre of Dhanora, who is growing apple trees and getting a good yield in Kerameri mandal where every winter season the temperatures dip to 3 degrees Celsius.

A CCMB scientist confirmed that the weather conditions and soil were perfect for growing apple trees in the Kerameri mandal as the area was surrounded by hillocks and full of forests, perennial streams and rivulets. The old Adilabad recorded 3.8 degrees Celsius on December 19 and this was one degree celsius less when compared to 3.9 degree celsius recorded on December 20, 2014. This shows the dip in the temperatures in the Kerameri mandal. Adilabad is the only place where temperatures are falling to as low as 3 degrees, after Lambasingi in Visakapatnam area in Andhra Pradesh.

Adilabad has become like Kashmir not only with the low temperatures but also with the cultivation of apples. Speaking to this newspaper, Balaji Kendre said he began by planting ten apple trees in his 2-acre field after purchasing each for Rs 50 in 2014 from the Jammu area, through his friend working in the Army there and now the trees had grown and reached the flowering stage.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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