Hyderabad: Freedom from illegal breweries, ganja

'Not everyone Dhoolpet was involved in brewing liquor, but the whole area is branded with that image.'

Hyderabad: Despite the many success stories of rehabilitation of families previously employed in the illicit liquor trade, there are some who want more.
Some youth were employed in BPOs, some were provided cabs and women provided with paper plate making machines. Some youth were also recruited into the police.

Despite this, some residents said, they were threatened during enforcement drives and their innocent kids were booked.

“It was so sudden that we lost our livelihood and our families are on the roads. It was because of our background and lack of proper education that we ended up in this business,” Ms Laxmi Bai, who stopped manufacturing liquor says.
Mr M. Mohanlal, from the Rajput Chatri Bondili Samaj Thakurwadi, said: “We want to change. The government is doing its bit but we demand a permanent solution which would provide proper income and job opportunities for our educated youth.” he said.

He said due to the stigma attached with Dhoolpet, people were refusing to give them jobs. “Not everyone Dhoolpet was involved in brewing liquor, but the whole area is branded with that image. We want a job guarantee,” said Mr Raju Mohan, 22.

Rehab move gives life a new turn
Ms Savitri, a 45-year-old mother of four daughters, used to earn '400 a day brewing illicit liquor for three hours a day and selling it to her regular customers. After the business was stopped, she works in a bangle store at Begum Bazaar.
Ms Savitri said that though her husband had died three years ago, she could earn money easily by brewing illicit liquor. That business, however, was filled with risk, she admits.

Though her earnings are less now, Ms Savitri said, she wanted to go ahead with her new life and profession to ensure a better future for her kids. “I have put my kids in school. I went through pain and even lost my husband. I can’t risk my daughters’ future. I wish they study well and settle in life and I will work for them till I am alive,” she said.

Ms Ramadevi, who got a paper making unit on subsidy from the government, says she was worried after the police and Excise officials busted the illegal liquor business. “Now, we do not have to be scared of raids, bear abuse or pay mamool. Our life has drastically changed,” she said.

Ms Aarti who was selected as a constable said though she was a good student, she was not sure of her future at that time. “I had never gone to a playground in my life, nor did physical exercise in public. I am proud that I competed with boys and and have still managed to make it as a police constable.” she said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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