Israel, Hamas War: PM Modi Seeks Stability

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that there is zero tolerance against terrorism, highlighting that the loss of innocent lives, particularly among children and women, is unacceptable while speaking about the Israel-Hamas conflict during his closing statements at the virtual G20 Summit. Modi noted a consensus on various points among world leaders, stressing the necessity of a two-state solution for a lasting resolution to the Israel-Palestine issue. He underscored the importance of diplomacy and dialogue as the sole path to resolving territorial and political crises.

"We all condemn terrorism and violence," Modi stated, emphasising the urgent need for the restoration of regional peace and stability in West Asia. Addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, he called for the swift and secure delivery of human assistance, welcoming the news of the release of Israeli hostages.

Assuring support, Modi conveyed the G20's readiness to provide all possible assistance, expressing confidence in the organisation's unified effort guided by the principle of "vasudhaiva kutumbakam" for global peace, stability, and prosperity.

He also pledged the G20's commitment to meeting the expectations of the Global South, expressing hope for progress on reforming multi-lateral development banks and global governance. Modi concluded by affirming transparent steps toward debt restructuring in alignment with the likely agenda under Brazil's presidency.

( Source : The Asian Age. )
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