CJI calls for true education

True education should inculcate humility, discipline, selflessness, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and mutual respect

New Delhi: Lamenting about education becoming utilitarian, Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana on Monday called for a holistic approach towards education by incorporating human values and social conscience, which makes students responsible towards not just his fellow human being but to the environment, animals and Earth.

“When we refer to ‘education’, it is often understood to mean academic learning. But being ‘truly educated’ means much more; true education should result in a far more holistic positive change and advancement in the life of a student,” said Chief Justice Ramana, delivering the 40th convocation address of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute for Higher Learning at Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh.

He cautioned that a utilitarian education system was not equipped to deal with ‘moral’ or ‘spiritual’ function which “builds the character of our students and allows them to develop a social consciousness and a sense of responsibility”.

The Chief Justice said “true education” should inculcate in students virtues such as humility, discipline, selflessness, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and mutual respect.

“Education must elevate your character and broaden your thinking. It must enable you to make the right decision when faced with the complexities of life,” he argued.

“You will have to deal with people from different walks of life that may occasionally challenge you. But be tolerant; hold onto certain core values as you walk through this journey of life, and experience all the richness that it can offer you,” the Chief Justice Ramana told the students at the convocation.

Exhorting the students to become socially responsible, the Chief Justice of India said “the educated have the responsibility to enrich the society, to seek excellence, to gain knowledge and propagate it, educating all around them, and empowering people, communities and societies.”

“With your skills and values, you can change the world for the better. Be active, keep your eyes open, and hold out your hand and help those in need. Do not be trapped in your own needs or wants. Look towards your family, your neighbourhood, your village, community, and so on. If you start practicing this, you will soon be living in a better world, free of conflicts and violence. As global citizens, it should be your endeavour to establish a progressive world,” CJI Ramana said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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