Cooking ace has a jugaad' remedy to bring light to cyclone-hit villages

Vedaranyam and Tiruvarur this weekend and distribute them free to the affected families.

Chennai: Fixing the electricity distribution system in the coastal districts worst-hit by the recent ‘Gaja’ cyclone may take some more time, but an ace cooking innovator has come up with a simple,cost-effective ‘electric candle’ that can instantly light up homes in the ravaged villages.

In a typical, ‘Jugaad’ way of problem-solving germane to India, Mr. Rama Krishnan, a mechanical engineer by training and who in recent years has been making waves with his innovative cooking techniques that he calls ‘Opos’, has hit upon this ‘electric candle’ that can sufficiently light up a typical 10-ft x 10-ft room.

It should splendidly dispel darkness in the village homes without having to depend on grid power, Rama Krishnan said in a video presentation which he posted live on social media like ‘YouTube’ on Thursday.

Demonstrating this very simple device through a video, he showed that it is made by just connecting a micro LED bulb to two leak-proof batteries, which instantly turns into a bright torch that can emit light even in a bowl of water.

“You just have to go to Ritchie Street in Chennai to pick up these LED bulbs,”which he said costs just Rs11 a piece, besides two small batteries that cost '10. This gives a workable ‘Jugaad’ ‘candle light’ for Rs 11 a piece that could last up to three months, he says.

Inviting suggestions for improving his device that he believes would work well in a typical rural situation - rugged, inexpensive and water-proof-, Rama Krishnan says he is putting this as a main item in a ‘tool kit’ for cyclone Gaja-hit districts which his volunteers plan to take to places like Nagapattinam,

Vedaranyam and Tiruvarur this weekend and distribute them free to the affected families. Each ‘Gaja tool kit’ also includes a mosquito net and water purification tablets, he said.

“This is not just giving an electric candle to the affected households, butgifting them an idea which will empower them”, as it can be arranged by themselves during any emergence, explains Rama Krishnan.

The ‘electric candle’ does not a need a switching device either, for just a bang on the floor and the micro LED bulbs fall out, or just the battery can be removed from theholder. Rama Krishnan is so passionate about social causes and helping society that he recently went to Assam to demonstrate his ‘Opos’ cooking technique to the Army personnel.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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