Refresher training for RTC drivers to curb accidents

They are being made to know the trauma of victims of mishaps.

GUNTUR: The APSRTC has begun providing training to bus drivers to avoid accidents. As many as 316 accidents involving APSRTC buses were registered in Guntur and Krishna districts last year in which 149 people were killed and 346 were injured. The APSRTC claims that its buses are the safest to travel but the accidents contradict it. There are 5,387 drivers working in the APSRTC buses in both the districts and the APSRTC started training classes for all of them in batches.

During recruitment, the APSRTC inducts qualified drivers and gives them required training. The APSRTC officials observed that negligence during driving was leading to accidents and so launched the refresher training programme. During the training, the RTC officials are explaining the drivers about the plight of victims during and after the accidents, which can lead to loss of important organs in the body. Further, they are taking the drivers to the GGH in Guntur and showing them the difficulties the victims are undergoing during treatment.

According to reports, 171 accidents were registered, involving RTC buses, in which 83 persons died and 153 persons were injured in 2016 in Guntur district. About 176 places were identified as black spots in the district and the RTC drivers are being alerted about these routes. A majority of the accidents were found to be occurring between midnight and 3.30 am and from 3 pm to 9 pm. The APSRTC officials have started patrolling various routes alerting the drivers during these hours.

There are 2,200 drivers in Guntur-RTC of whom, 1,092 were given training. RTC Guntur regional manager G. Srihari said 120 drivers were being given training in one batch and that yoga and meditation were also being taught to the driver to improve concentration in driving. About 103 drivers who were found to be negligent and resorting to rash driving are being given special training, which would be completed by December.

K. Panduranga Rao, who travels in RTC buses daily, said it was good initiative by the RTC. Some drivers speak on mobile phones while driving, this should be avoided for the safety of the passengers, he said and added that the buses should be thoroughly checked for fitness daily before being driven on to the roads.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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