Math offers to launder' money, in spot

Activists want police, IT officials to keep tabs on donations made at ashrams across the state.

Bengaluru: “Do you have demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denomination notes? We are ready to exchange them for new notes for a commission. We can exchange amounts ranging from a few lakhs to crores! Call us,” read an advert from Om Ashram and Charitable Trust which was published in various local newspapers of the South Karnataka region on Tuesday. Enraged activists demanded that the police and income tax department officials should keep an eye on ashrams across the state and prevent them from converting black money into white.

Mr Dinesh Kumar, an activist, pointed out that the advertisement reflected the reality. “It is shocking. A lot of people were already guessing that maths and religious institutions were indulging in such activities, and now it has come out in the open,” he said. Other activists, who wished not to be identified, said that this advertisement is a reflection of how some maths are being used by vested interests for illegal activities.

A pontiff of a reputed math said, “It is shame to all the religious institutions. No one is aware of this ashram, where is it situated, who is heading it etc. If this advertisement was issued by the ashram, it is a black mark on all religious institutions across the state which are involved in giving quality education and indulging in social service activities.” He said, “Over the last few years there have been murmurs that a few politicians, real estate barons and anti-social elements were parking their money in maths and ashrams. Such charges, even if they are baseless, arouse suspicion among the public. The government should conduct an inquiry into this incident.’ When DC contacted one of the two mobile phone numbers given in the advertisement, a person who picked up the call said that the advertisement was published by mistake. “Read all newspapers tomorrow. We are sorry. It was a mistake,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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