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Amrutha Varshini rejects Telangana government aid

Deccan Chronicle| Durga Prasad Sunku

Published on: September 22, 2018 | Updated on: September 22, 2018

Amrutha Varshini wants the compensation announced by the Government to be transferred to an orphanage in Pranay's name.

Pranay and Amrutha Varshini

Pranay and Amrutha Varshini

Hyderabad: Two days after the Telangana state government announced the compensation of Rs 8 lakh, a double bedroom house, five acres land to the widow of the slain P. Pranay Kumar, different opinions are popping up on social media.

Amrutha Varshini was also trolled in the social media. Speaking to this newspaper on the trolling she warned the trolls, "I am going to complain to cyber crime if I find any derogatory comment or abuses in social media. I didn’t ask for help from anyone nor an MLA ticket. My only demand is justice for Pranay." 

Amrutha Varshini wants the compensation announced by the government to be transferred to an orphanage  in the name of her husband Pranay.

Rejecting the compensation given by the Government Pranay’s father Balaswamy said, "By God’s grace we have enough money to survive. My only demand is that all the culprits behind the crime should be hanged and fast-track court should be set up to further investigate the case. All the evidences were present. At any cost the accused shouldn't escape from the punishment. Since caste was the main reason behind the murder the atrocity case should be booked against them and they should be severely punished. We will fight for the justice till our last breath." 

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