New Crisis in Manipur: Nagas Oppose Kukis' Hill Admin Call

After UNC, NSCN (I-M) opposes demand of separate administration by Kuki in Manipur, says they are claiming territory of Naga

Guwahati: The ongoing ethnic divide in trouble-torn Manipur got a new twist on Tuesday when the National Socialist Council of Nagaland – Isak-Muivah (NSCN I-M), which was maintaining distance from the ongoing ethnic strife, opposed the demand of separate administration for Kuki and described it unrealistic.

The NSCN (I-M) in its mouthpiece “Nagalim Voice” said, “Pathetic is the unrealistic physicalmap of the proposed Kuki State that covers most of the Naga territories, even claiming some of the major Naga tribes as belonging to the Kuki family.”

The bulletin further said, “Such “bewildering concoction” and “wanton distortion” will not help Kuki-Zo case in any manner as history is not established on concoction and falsehood.”

Pointing out that while the Nagas have expressed solidarity with the Kuki-Zo community on the issue of “crime against humanity”, the bulletin observed that they should tread very carefully and never overdo and avoid pandering in the name of “Zalengam” (Kuki Land).

The NSCN (I-M) mouthpiece suggested that under the given situation demanding for “separate administration” or “Kuki state” is a hugely emotive issue that may unleash new political dynamics if wisdom and good judgement is not exercised with foresight. Thus, a political risk assessment is critically important for the Kuki-Zo community as the Nagas wouldn’t allow war-mongering intrusion/provocation into their ancestral domain.

“Naga people’s political struggle over the defence of God given land has crossed more than 7 decades and involves more than 250,000 lives with unbearable burden and sufferings in the hands of our adversaries. This is a living testimony that land and people can never part,” the bulletin said in its frontpage report while asserting, “Therefore, Naga territories are more precious than anything else. All said and done, Nagas are not opposed to Separate Administration for Kuki-Zo community but it should not touch even an inch of Naga territory for creating a separate administrative zone for them. Nagas can never compromise in the matter of political identity that is defined by land and people with clear history down the ages.”

In a map defining the Naga areas of Manipur, the bulletin said, “For this reason, Kuki-Zo should take extra care to exercise “political correctness” while sloganeering in desperation to establish geopolitical identity in the form of Zalengam/ Kukiland/Zogam or “separateadministration”. Geopolitical movement should not be heated up by taking support on falsehood and concoction narrative.”

It is significant that Kukis' claims over some stretches of land in Manipur is leading to division in the strife-torn state. The United Naga Council, the apex body of the Nagas in Manipur, has already issued a statement on the matter on August 21, criticising Kukis for their claim of separate administration.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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