Inflows Continue in Godavari Basin, No Flow to Krishna Basin

Hyderabad: The Godavari Basin continued to get inflows from upstream areas, whereas the Krishna Basin was not getting any inflows, officials said on Sunday.

There was a let-up for the rainfall in north Telangana districts, but inflows from the upstream areas of Maharashtra continued to AP’s major and medium irrigation projects.

The Sripada Yellampalli project reported a water level of 479.17 feet on Sunday against its full reservoir level (FRL) is 485.56ft, with the gross storage at 15.00tmc water. Inflows of 1.74 lakh cusecs continued into the project.

The Sriramsagar project’s water level has reached 1083.30ft against an FRL 1091.00ft. The present storage level was at 61.766 tmc against the gross storage of 90.3tmc. Inflows of 1.21 lakh cusecs were reported on Sunday.

The Kaddam Narayana Reddy project had a 686.78ft level on Sunday against its FRL of 700ft. Of the 7.60tmc gross storage capacity, a storage of 4.63tmc was registered. Inflows continued at 48,475 cusecs. Officials released 51,859 cusecs of outflow to the downstream areas.

The Nizamsagar project across River Manjeera has reported a level of1399.50ft on Sunday against its FRL of 1405ft. Of the 17.80tmc gross storage, it has a storage of10.83tmc. The inflows were of 22,440 cusecs.

In Krishna Basin, the Alamatti reservoir has a water level of 1685.73ft against an FRL of 1705ft. Of its 129.72 gross storage capacity, the present level was at 54.56 tmc. The inflows continued at 1.07 lakh cusecs. However, the water level of Nagarjunasagar project reached 516.80ft against an FRS of 590ft.

Of its 312.05 gross capacity, a storage of 143.51 tmc water was reported. Some 2,701 cusecs of inflow was registered on Sunday.

Similarly, the Srisailam project reported a storage of 808.90ft against its 885 FRL. Of the 215.81tmc gross capacity, a storage of 33.67tmc was reported now. The inflows were of 602 cusecs.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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