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Social isolation can cause harm

Published Apr 23, 2019, 1:13 am IST
Updated Apr 23, 2019, 1:13 am IST
Social isolation is also a strong aspect of suicide bombers. (Representional Image)
 Social isolation is also a strong aspect of suicide bombers. (Representional Image)

Hyderabad: The belief of the suicide bomber that he has been wronged by society is the reason to kill oneself and also harm hundreds of others, stated psychologists and psychiatrists in the city. Religion is proving to be a shield for them to hide, obtain patronage and also gain sympathy and has nothing do with the tenets of the religion or its ideology.

Wronged by the society has been noted in cases where they are highly educated but do not find suitable jobs or place in society, an act of crime against their close family member by the government agencies and continuous rejections at the social level push the idea deep within.

Dr Aftab Ali Khan, consultant psychiatrist, said, “The belief of not being dealt with fairly in the society is one of the major reasons for the people to go up and blow themselves into pieces. This belief is then worked upon and indoctrinated where even if the killers see their own blood relatives they do not hesitate to kill them.  Negative experiences of life are used to the hilt and the idea is reinforced from time to time. The indoctrination is more of a cult culture and these kinds of people are the vulnerable targets.”

Social isolation is also a strong aspect of suicide bombers. Dr Sunita Menon, senior psychologist said, “The psychology of these sections of the people have been those who have come from broken families, have joined cults and are always found to be very into themselves. The problems begin much earlier in life and often what they think or tell is exaggerated and untrue. They are so hardened that they will not see the positive side of life and often it is only grief that they can see. For them no one else really matters and when they come to this point, they are used as suicide bombers.”

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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