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Pascal Mazurier’s wife used child as a ‘weapon’: Court’s verdict

Published Apr 23, 2017, 3:09 am IST
Updated Apr 23, 2017, 3:49 am IST
Pascal Mazurier (Centre) was arrested in 2012 and released on bail
 Pascal Mazurier (Centre) was arrested in 2012 and released on bail

BENGALURU: Acquitting former French diplomat Pascal Mazurier in a Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (Pocso) case, in which his estranged wife Suja Jones accused him of raping their minor daughter, Additional City, Civil and Sessions Judge B.S. Rekha has stated that Mazurier was fixed by the complainant, who used their minor child as a “weapon” to prevent him from leaving India for his next posting to South Africa.

“In this case, the conduct of the complainant (Suja) itself shows that her intention was not to take care of the child (victim) or the husband, but to connect the accused with the crime and she went to that extent of using the child as a weapon. Further, the doctors (who had examined the victim) have stated that the child had shown some pictures and stated that her father has hurt her. But in the statement recorded by the Investigation Officer the child has stated that she loves her papa and he is very good and at that particular time the complainant was not with the child when the statement was recorded. This shows that the child has not suffered any sexual harassment by the father, whereas this complainant with the assistance of the people around her, had made plan and preparation to connect the accused with the crime, so that he can be detained in India and he should not take her children out of India,” stated the order.

The judgement further stated, “The entire episode is supported by the NGO and they have helped the complainant in all aspects, including financial assistance, for conducting her case in the Family Court. If at all the mother (Suja) was having responsibility of the children, she should not have allowed the child to be with the father. Further, before making these allegations, the complainant has contacted as far as possible all the NGOs and the doctors so that she can prepare a case. Further when the clothes worn by the child at the time of the alleged incident were not given to the doctor, then how she can get the presence of semenal stains and the spermatozoa is also doubtful.”

“If at all such an incident has occurred, then naturally the victim would have sustained bleeding injuries in her private part or in anus, but it is not forthcoming. Further there are no injuries found on the private parts of the victim. The complainant intentionally with the help of the NGO and doctors has made the accused as scapegoat in order to restrain him from going out of India,” the order stated.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru


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