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Published on: March 23, 2020 | Updated on: March 23, 2020

Special team set up to track down 20K foreign-returned people

A cop surveys the scene during Bengaluru's lockdown on March 21. (Photo: Satish B)

A cop surveys the scene during Bengaluru's lockdown on March 21. (Photo: Satish B)

Bengaluru: Police commissioner Bhaskar Rao has announced a complete clampdown in Bengaluru till March 31 to stop the coronavirus Covid-19.

People have been told to follow the government’s clampdown orders seriously. If anyone is found violating orders, action will be initiated against them under IPC section 270, he warned.

Special teams have been formed to keep vigilance on foreign-returned people. Some 23,000 persons who have returned from abroad are yet to be tracked.

Services of Ola, Uber and otheer taxicab services have been suspended.

Friday prayers in Masjids have been suspended.

People have been told to celebrate Ugadi festival inside their homes.

Provision stores, ration shops, departmental stores and meat shops will remain open.

Swiggy and Zomato will be allowed to deliver food.

Barber shops, beauty parlours, florists, clothing stores and electronics stores will be closed.

All hotels will not serve but will open takeaway counters. 

Policemen will be out to monitor the situation in the localities. Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) platoons will be deployed across the city to assist the police department.

Local police stations will take a call on which shops can remain open.   

Commissioner Bhaskar Rao chaired a high-level meeting of all senior police officers including 18 DCPs and 40 ACPs in the city..

A special team of personnel from the police and the BBMP has been set up to monitor people in quarantine.

DCP Isha Panth will head the special team.

The team has received inputs from the Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL) that as many as 43,000 persons returned from various countries between March 8 and March 19.

The team will round up these 43,000 persons and ask if they have been in isolation. If not, they will be asked about who they have been in contact with.

Till yesterday, the team managed to identify 20,000 people and issued self-quarantine notice to them.

Police teams will pay surprise visits to the houses of people who are supposed to be in self-quarantine.

Police are gathering inputs from intelligence agencies as well. Neighbours have been the primary source of information for the police.

Foreign returned people will have a seal imprinted on their hands.

If people with such a stamp on their hands are found roaming outside, they will be picked up and put in government isolation centres.

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