Bengaluru: RWAs flooding BDA with objections to draft Revised Master Plan

Citizen groups seek detailed clarifications from authorities.

Bengaluru: The last day for submission of objections to the Revised Master Plan (RMP) – 2031 is Tuesday and citizen forums and civic associations are still flooding the BDA with objections. Several forums are working with numerous Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) and other civic groups to raise as many objections as possible to the draft plan.

During a recent meeting with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, officials from the BDA and Bengaluru Metropolitan Planning Committee (BMPC) had requested him to extend the deadline till January 23 to submit objections, but he refused to agree.

Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundation, said, “We are working with various RWAs and civic groups to submit as many objections possible. The RMP is filled with loopholes and these have to be clarified. This can be done only by submitting objections.”

He said, “It is time the citizens came forward and sent their objections, as the current RMP has major flaws. Most of the objections are about improper plans for lakes and many people pointed out how some of the water bodies are missing from the RMP. While working with RWAs, we observed that several roads are missing in the plan. We cannot give out the details now, but we will want the public to know how flawed the draft of RMP – 2031 is.”

Vijayan Menon, committee member, Citizen Action Forum, said that it is not just about submitting objections. “We need clarifications to our objections from concerned officials. We are asking for detailed clarifications about confusion and contradictions in the RMP -2031. We have a Whatsapp group which has a number of RWAs and we have shared with them our findings that require clarifications. This will help them understand the RMP better and they can go ahead submitting their own objections.”

Asked which issues have attracted major objections, a senior officer in Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), said, “We do not have a clear picture yet. But many people are visiting our offices with their individual objections.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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