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CPM on correction mode

Published Aug 22, 2019, 2:52 am IST
Updated Aug 22, 2019, 2:52 am IST
The Kerala unit of the party has a significant role to play in the Left politics in the country.
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Thiruvananthapuram: The CPM rectification document has called upon party leaders and workers to shed arrogance and be humble before the people.

"The leaders should show their sincerity and devotion while working with the people and eschew all uncommunist-like virtues, bureaucratism, factionalism, arrogance, extravagant lifestyle besides any type of malpractices which are alien to the norms of  being a communist,'' it says.


The Kerala unit of the party has a significant role to play in the Left politics in the country. Therefore, self-critical analysis of work and functioning of the party and leaders was important to initiate corrective steps. Steps should be initiated to check the degeneration that has set in the party at different levels, it says.

Leaders need to come out of the confines of committees and get down to work with the people on the ground, it adds.

It may be recalled that the party during its Kolkata plenum had admitted that the illicit links of party workers and leaders rarely came out in the public domain because people fear speaking about them. One of the major reasons for the negative trends in the party was also the changing lifestyle of workers and leaders.


Moreover, people who criticise  leaders or party in committees are  sidelined. Hence people are reluctant to criticise the wrong trends because of lack of inner party democracy.

Some of the common complaints against party workers that were identified in the plenum included lavish lifestyle, spending beyond their known sources of income for building houses, extravaganza in weddings of children and organizing festivities on a lavish scale.

 Though the state committees had been given specific tasks to remove such trends,nothing much had happened on the ground.


Many believe the party organisation needs to be modernised to meet present-day requirements.  The renewal of party membership should be strictly on the basis of performance and personal conduct.

The discussion on the document approved by the secretariat will continue over the next two days.