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Telangana, hub for migrant labour

Published Aug 22, 2018, 12:37 am IST
Updated Aug 22, 2018, 12:37 am IST
Low cost of living, safety, climatic conditions, people-friendly factors woo them.
Construction companies prefer to employ immigrants as work is completed quickly and workers are not influenced by local incidents and festivals.
 Construction companies prefer to employ immigrants as work is completed quickly and workers are not influenced by local incidents and festivals.

Hyderabad: Hundreds of skilled immigrants come into Telangana to begin a living doing skilled jobs in construction, hotels, interior designing etc. The city is now the hub of development with the growth of the IT sector and rise in industries creating abundant opportunities and high employment rates.

There are various stories that mark this change in workforce diversity that remain untold. The people behind the artistic work often go unappreciated.


Amrish Kakkar from Beawar, Rajasthan, started his journey four years back. Amrish’s family was in the carpentry business, which he joined after 8th grade. He dropped out of school and started to first begin carving bullock carts in his village and then slowly learnt the trade.

 Amrish claims he tried to get jobs in Udaipur and later, Ajmer, but there was a scarcity of opportunities. He was forced to leave for Mumbai in search of more work. Amrish said he worked in Mumbai for a few months before he moved to Hyderabad on a project of embossing woodwork with intricate designs that he learnt when he first started carving.


He says, “It’s been more than two years in the city, and I am constantly working. I send much of the money I earn back home to my family.  I do miss home but there is a lot in Hyderabad to see and do. I do not have any problems to find food that is akin to home food and I have made Rajasthani and Odiya friends from my work. If I had to move from my hometown, here is where I would definitely move permanently, as I get accommodation and food plus good opportunities.”

Along with construction, there is a high demand for woodwork in home construction as well. Neha Gandhi, resident of Jubilee Hills, said, “Rajasthan woodwork is so exceptional as the intricate detailing is done on a miniature scale. While constructing our family home, we opted for woodwork from a catalogue and we were surprised to find that the workers themselves came from Rajasthan to recreate the designs. There is elegance in the detailing. For example, I commissioned a small carving of petals falling from a bloomed flower, and the result was shockingly lifelike sans the coloring”.


Immigrants are also coming to work in the hospitality sector, which is booming in the city. Kishan Chettri, a 27-year-old, hailing from Darjeeling, is currently working at the front desk at the Park Hotel, Somajiguda, for the last year. Kishan completed his B.Com and initially worked in Bangalore City before moving to Telangana.

Kishan said, “I moved from my hometown in search of opportunities and wanted to learn about life and become a self-made man. I have been to other states in southern India, but Hyderabad has welcomed me since my arrival. There are many reasons why I chose this city, one is that it has lesser crimes and is safe for people hailing from the northern half of India and very pocket friendly because it has a low cost of living. Another reason is that the climate is very favorable.  Last but not the least, is the friendliness of the people in the city.”


Just like Kishan and Amrish, there are thousands of people who have made Telangana their home due to a host of factors ranging from low cost living, safety, people friendly, climatic conditions, better opportunities and more appreciation for their skills.

Devender Yelagandula, Managing Partner, Saanvee Group of constructions, said, “Our local workers, mostly masons and plumbers are moving to the Gulf countries for higher pay. This opens the Telangana market to give opportunities to skilled workers from different states. In comparison to other states in India, Telangana’s wages are higher than that of their home state and there are more number of opportunities. Also, builders who are acquiring the painting and woodwork services are more keen on employing people from outside as the artisans and workers stay on site for one year and the work is quicker as they are not influenced by the local factors or incidents.”


Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad