Kochi: No more chain services

KSRTC to reschedule super fast buses .

Kochi: Often KSRTC buses can be seen operating one after the other to the same destination, forcing passengers to wait for long hours after that.

Now the management has decided to reschedule all Super Fast (SF) services on the lines of successful low-floor 'Chill Buses' so as to avoid them operating in a convoy and to cater to passengers from main stations at fixed intervals.

"Chill services are being operated every half-an-hour during peak hours and at one-hour gap during other times. The same has resulted in more commuter patronage. Similarly, we've started scientifically revising SF schedules so that commuters can avail the services from main stations like Ernakulam and Kottayam at fixed intervals of 10 to 15 minutes," said a senior official.

The average collection of air-conditioned 'Chill Services', deployed in the Thiruvananthapuram-Ernakulam-Kozhikode sector, has touched over Rs 20, 000.

A direction has been given to all 94 bus operating units to enlist those long-haul SF services (in same routes) whose schedules are clashing with each other.

Over 400 SF buses, a main category bringing in revenue for the Corporation, are operating connecting key destinations both via the NH and the MC Road routes.

Upon the experiment proving a success, the other class services including Fast Passenger ones, will be redeployed on a similar line.

Meanwhile, Executive Director P.M. Sharaff Muhammed has denied reports of the corporation stopping many SF services. "What we've done is just rescheduling the services so as to benefit more passengers. The charges of stopping services such as Kattakada-Guruvayur are not true," he said.

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