In-charges' rule Telangana wings as babus wait for postings

Some IAS continue their over-a-month long wait for postings.

Hyderabad: Though several of the important departments in the state are being looked after by in-charges, some IAS continue their over-a-month long wait for postings.

A month ago, Shashank Goel, resident commissioner of Telangana Bhavan in Delhi, who is a principal secretary ranked officer, was transferred but till date, he has not been given any posting.

IAS officer B. Venkateswara Rao, general administration department secretary, was transferred as commissioner, fisheries department. Soon after, he was shifted from that post too, and now, continues to wait for his new posting.

The case of another IAS officer, Dutt Ekka, tribal welfare department secretary, is different. Two months ago, he was transferred from the social welfare department to the tribal welfare department.

Not interested to work as tribal welfare department, secretary, Mr Ekka went on a month-long leave that was approved by the state government. According to officials, Mr Ekka has been extending his leave since, though the government hasn’t given him permission to do so.

Sources close to Mr Ekka say that he is keen to work in the social welfare department and this was represented to government. But the state government did not cancel Mr Ekka’s transfer to the tribal welfare department.

As many as 15 important departments like revenue, social welfare, general administration etc., and some important Heads of the Department do not have regular secretaries and commissioners, only in-charge officers.

Meanwhile, talk is in the air that the state government will transfer more IAS officers after the ongoing Assembly Budget session. Officials hope that the government will assign postings to the IAS officers at the time of the reshuffle.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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