Warangal: Search for negative blood turns positive

Warangal lad's efforts make it easily available.

Warangal: It is a known fact that negative blood group is rarely available. Very less per cent of people have the negative type blood. When people of such blood types are in emergency situations it is very difficult to find blood for them. Experiencing this situation in his childhood, a youth from Warangal, Naresh Gangojula started an NGO called ‘Negative Blood Group Members Association’.

He started collecting the details of the people with negative type blood. Whenever any person is in need of blood he would alert one of his contacts with the same blood group. He has so far collected the details of 327 members in Warangal.

Mr Naresh, a sales executive by profession, also holds awareness programmes in schools and colleges apart from those at blood donation camps. There are several misconceptions related to blood donation. Mr Naresh has been encouraging people of all types of blood to make a donation so that a person could be saved during the time of need. The names of the blood donors, along with Naresh who is himself an O negative type, which is very rare, were given in all the hospitals across Warangal.

Hospital authorities call him up whenever a requirement of blood arises. With the help of these volunteers, the time taken to find negative blood donors has considerably reduced.

“Negative blood group is rare to be found. Currently, there is a shortage of negative type blood groups. With the help of several people who are all negative blood types, I have started this voluntary blood donation service. It is a privilege to be able to help the people in need. Everyone else with me also volunteers wholeheartedly when their help is required. I believe blood is the only thing which does not get reduced by charity,” Mr Naresh says.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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