APRDC designing road maintenance software

Political pressure to grant works to henchmen will be checked.

Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh Road Development Corporation (APRDC) is designing road maintenance software, called AP Road Maintenance System (APRMS). The software will study the needs of the roads, type of treatment to be given, any other value additions to be done to the existing roads, at frequent intervals. Accordingly, the APRDC will guide the contractors. Now, the software is under test trial and henceforth, all roads will be constructed and maintained scientifically.

Till now, in a number of instances, the road contracts either in urban or in rural areas were being given to contractors under political pressure. However, the APRMS would examine the condition of the roads and if they really demand treatment, accordingly contracts will be given to the bidders.

In a majority of the areas in the state, contractors are given road works even though there is no real need for that, as they are close to the MLAs and MPs. Henceforth, there is no scope for such lobbying. The traffic movement on particular roads will be taken into consideration, while awarding the contracts, which the APRMS will study, in a given interval.

Dedicated patrolling teams will move in light commercial vehicles on the roads given for construction or maintenance, and as per the requirements of the roads, they would address the issues instantly, as they will be carrying all necessary equipment.

Already six contractors have been operating Network Survey Vehicles (NSVs). At present, roads in 4,000-km stretch are being maintained under Output Performance based Road Contracts (OPRC), where in 80 per cent would be borne by the GoAP and 20 per cent would be in the form of loan from World Bank.

Regarding the construction of rural roads and interior roads with linking the nearest main roads, the AIB International Bank has come forward to extend financial assistance of Rs 3,200 crore each for rural roads and interior roads.

The APRDC identified roads in 2,800 km stretch across the state for development, under PPP mode. So far, the WB had given extension to complete the rest of the work, before the end of Dec., 2018.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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