Jagan launches land protection scheme

The survey would be completed and title deeds handed over to the property owners by the end of 2023

VIJAYAWADA: Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy launched ‘YSR Jagananna Shaswata Bhu Hakku mariyu Bhu Raksha Pathakam’ by laying the boundary stone as a pilot project in Thakkellapadu village of Jaggayyapeta mandal in Krishna district on Monday.

Later, addressing a public meeting at SGS College grounds in Jaggayyapeta, the Chief Minister said that till now no state had dared to launch a programme of this magnitude. He stated that in order to benefit the people, they had recruited 16,000 surveyors at ward/village levels and trained them on using ultra-modern technology and drone technology, under the auspices of Survey of India.

Recalling his padayatra, he said that he had seen how the people rued when their plot, house, farm, and other lands fell into litigation after they had purchased them with their hard-earned money.

He said that the new scheme would help them find their property with proper boundaries, measurements, shape, appropriate records and documents and assured them that such a facility would ensure that they do not fall prey to land grabbers.

Referring to Thakkellapadu, Reddy said in the intervening years from 1927-28, when a survey was last undertaken, to the present times, a lot has happened like the country got independence, new rulers came in, a Constitution was adopted and new laws gave rights to the people.

He opined that it could be anyone’s guess as to how many irregularities had occurred because of inordinate delay in the conduct of land survey and slammed a section of politicians and rowdies, who were managing the system and changing records to someone else’s name and in the process make a killing by ill-gotten means.

Criticising the existing system of property registrations that had no coordination among the four departments of revenue, survey settlement, registration and local bodies, the Chief Minister reiterated that the new scheme would serve as a role-model in the maintenance of land records without any scope for irregularities.

Detailing the new scheme, he said that it would help the property owner to get a document comprising all details of the property with a government assurance and a unique identification number on the lines of Aadhar number. This will help find out the exact location of the property with all requisite details. He said that the details of the properties would be subject to social audit. Only when objections are not raised from any quarters, would the landowners be issued title deeds.

On the three-phased land survey, Reddy asserted that they were taking it up at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore. They have set up 4,500 survey teams. The survey would be completed and title deeds handed over to the property owners by the end of 2023.

Jagan Mohan Reddy advised people to share the benefits of the land survey with their neighbours and assured that the whole exercise would be taken up in a transparent manner and all records of property having irregularities would be streamlined.

He said that boundary stones with government seal were being laid to demarcate properties free of cost. He assured that the new scheme will ensure that all the owners would get security and protection for their property.

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