Smash message divides Twitter

On his maiden visit, Twitter head stoked controversy with a placard on Smash Brahminical Patriarchy.

Hyderabad: Twitter was reverberating with the term “Brahminical patriarchy” on Tuesday as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s mission to India to create goodwill for his company last week ended up becoming the subject of a raging debate.

The cause? Mr Dorsey held up a poster reading “Smash Brahminical patriarchy” given by a Dalit activist, a photo of which was posted on Twitter by journalist Anna M Vetticad. It was taken after a round table with some women journalists, activists, writers and officials of Twitter to discuss the Twitter experience in India.

Some key persons objected to the poster held up by Mr Dorsey, complaining that he is targeting a particular caste. Alarmed by the reaction, Twitter India through its handle said the poster was given by a “Dalit activist” and “it not a statement from Twitter or our CEO, but a tangible reflection of our company's efforts to see, hear, and understand all sides of important public conversations that happen on our service around the world".

Ms Gadde said, "I'm very sorry for this. It's not reflective of our views. We took a private photo with a gift just given to us - we should have been more thoughtful. Twitter strives to be an impartial platform for all. We failed to do that here and we must do better to serve our customers in India."

Twitter tried to blame the journalist who shared the picture. Ms Vetticad said, "This was not a 'private photo' but was shot by a Twitter India representative and mailed to us to share if we wish. You are throwing us under the bus to save your skin. Unbelievable!"

There are those who are targeting Twitter for posting the picture and there are those who are shaming it for apologising.

Since the poster said ‘Smash Brahmanical patriarchy’ and not 'Smash Brahmins', it is difficult to see what the row is about.

Yet, there was Sandeep Mital, IPS saying on Twitter, “Do you realise that this picture has potential of causing communal riots at a time when several States are going to Assembly Elections in India. Even now an apology is not offered. Actually it's a fit case for registration of a criminal case for attempt to destabilise the nation (sic).”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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