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Thiruvananthapuram: Minimum 40 per cent for end semester

Published Oct 21, 2018, 5:11 am IST
Updated Oct 21, 2018, 5:11 am IST
Four years after, APJ Abdul Kalam tech varsity evolves draft norms for BTech courses.
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
 APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

Thiruvananthapuram: APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University has come up with a draft regulation for undergraduate courses which wanted BTech programme to have 160 academic credits and two additional pass and fail credits for student activities.

Ironically, the university which came into existence in 2014, could bring out the curriculum only in the fourth year. Till now, the B.Tech programmes were being held as per regulations existing before the formation of a separate university for technical courses in the state.


Every course of B.Tech Programme will be placed in one of the nine categories as listed in the table below.
1. Humanities and Social Sciences including Management courses- 12
2. Basic Science courses-25
3. Engineering Science courses including workshop, drawing, basics of electrical, mechanical, computer -24
4. Professional core courses- 48
5. Professional Elective courses relevant to chosen specialisation and branch- 18
6. Open subjects – Electives from other technical and or emerging subjects-18
7. Project work, seminar and internship in industry or elsewhere-15
8. Mandatory Courses- [Environmental Sciences, Induction training, Indian Constitution, Essence of Indian Traditional Knowledge]- Non-credit
9 Mandatory Students Activities (Pass/Fail)- 2

Total Credits- 162

No semester will have more than six lecture-based courses and two lab or drawing, seminar or project courses in the curriculum.
Semester-wise credit distribution will be as below: Semester 1-17.5, 2-20.5, 3-22, 4-23, 5-23, 6-23, 7-15, 8-16,SA-2 Total- 162

The continuous assessment marks for individual subjects will be computed by giving weightage to the following parameters unless otherwise specified in the curriculum.
a. Two internal tests each of two-hour duration (40% weightage each)
b. Tutorials, Assignments, Mini Projects carrying (20% weightage)
c. For Laboratory, Practical, workshop courses-
i. Practical records/Outputs 60 per cent weightage (Internally by the institute)
ii. Regular Class viva 10 per cent weightage (Internally by the institute)
iii. Final written test, quiz and practical test- 30 per cent weightage awarded by written test or quiz in the evaluation of laboratory or practical courses in S1 and S2. In 3 to 8 semesters this shall be awarded by conducting one end semester internal practical examination.
A Student should have a minimum of 40 per cent marks in the end semester examination to be eligible for grading a course. Those who have more than 40 per cent marks in the end semester examination are awarded the grade based on both internal assessment and end semester examination marks. 
A student earns credits for a course if the grade is P or above. Otherwise, he will be considered to have failed in the course and an F grade will be awarded. Candidates who received F grade in an end semester examination will have to appear the end semester examination at the next opportunity and earn the credits. 

Internal mark percentage will not exceed 30 per cent over the end semester mark. Internal marks awarded to a student will be normalised accordingly. For example, if the end semester mark per cent is 40, then the maximum eligible internal mark per cent is 40+30 = 70 per cent.

Grading is based on the per cent marks obtained by the student in a course. The grade card shall only give the grades against the courses the student has registered.

Grade and Grade points are given below:
O 10 90% and above
A+ 9.0 85% and above but less than 90%+
A 8.5 80% and above but less than 85%
B+ 8.0 75% and above but less than 80%
B 7.5 70% and above but less than 75%
C + 7.0 65% and above but less than 70%
C 6.5 60% and above but less than 65%
D 6.0 55% and above but less than 60%
P (Pass) 5.5 50% and above but less than 55%
F (Fail) 0-Below 50% (C.A + U.E) or Below 40 % for U.E only.
FE 0- 0 Failed due to ineligibility
I 0- Course Incomplete

The general pattern of credits are given below: one Hour Lecture per week- 1 credit one Hour Tutorial per week- 1 credit, one Hour Practical per week- 0.5 credits, two Hour Practical (Lab) per week- one credit.