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Eat healthy, grow your kitchen garden on rooftop

Published Jun 21, 2018, 3:58 am IST
Updated Jun 21, 2018, 3:58 am IST
This has led to a tremendous change in the climate patterns and taken a heavy toll on the green cover, especially in urban areas.
(Left) Anu Ganapathy at her terrace garden and (right) a tomato plant from her garden
 (Left) Anu Ganapathy at her terrace garden and (right) a tomato plant from her garden

Bengaluru: The increase in urbanization has been a mixed bag with many benefits and downsides, be it on lifestyle, humans or the climate as a whole.

This has led to a tremendous change in the climate patterns and taken a heavy toll on the green cover, especially in urban areas. This march towards development and technology has led us away from nature and natural resources. The farmlands have shrunk giving way to concrete jungles and farming relies extensively on chemical fertilizers.


In this backdrop, the rise in popularity of organic farming and kitchen gardening is a cause for optimism. From huge farms yielding food products to personal garden areas at home and terraces, the trend is catching up.

For 40 plus Anu Ganapathy, a former HR professional, gardening is synonym for life. “Growing a plant is like giving birth. Plants are pretty much like humans that come to life, are nurtured and then eventually die someday,” she said.

As the shrinking green cover became rampant and people started its noticeable ill-effects, not just on the plant but their own health and lives, a lot of awareness has come about especially in the last couple of years.


The concept of urban gardening that probably started as a hobby has grown to be a healthy lifestyle, a responsibility and even a therapy for many, she said. “Gardening is therapeutic in multiple ways. It is natural for people to be connected with nature. From little kids, who never get enough of playing in the soil, to elders from whom it can be a gentle gift, it is an internal joy,” Anu said.

She conducts various workshops around the city, encouraging people to have their own little healthy green world.

Anu, started her own duet with gardening in 2015. When the city seemed to have no space to throw garbage, in the wake of being a responsible citizen, Anu started to compost the waste at her home. After several trials and errors, she succeeded and the compost lying at her home inspired her to tale up gardening. The thrill of greenery at her terrace and the tastier produce right from her home, made her not just enhance her garden, but also be an inspiration to as many as possible.


“It might look complex initially, but it is no rocket science once you understand and do it regularly. The produce that you get at home is certainly way tastier than the shiny big fruits that you pick from the markets,” she said.

Anu who stresses on the importance of composting has seen trends of urban gardening witness a change especially in the knowledge that people are taking in about it, the availability of equipment, seeds, etc through the several stores, restaurants and online options that have come up in the city.

“There is so much information available if one takes a little interest. Spending to create your own fruits and vegetables is way better than spending on medication and deal with the side-effects.” Anu will be holding a workshop about composting and kitchen garden at HappyHealthyMe in Indiranagar on June 21 at 11 am. Through the workshop titled, ‘Its Thyme to Garden’, she will give away not just tips to maintaining your little garden in containers, but also seeds, sources and resources to make sure that you don’t lose your inclination to try this habit.


“All you need is a little push to have your garden even if you just have one window at your house that throws in some sunlight. What you feed them is what you get from them,” Anu said. 

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru