10,000 beneficiaries ready to tie-up with construction firm to build Jagananna houses

June 30 is the deadline set for the grounding works for Chief Minister Jagan’s pet scheme, the Navaratnalu- Pedalandariki Illu

Visakhapatnam: June 30 is the deadline set for the grounding works for Chief Minister Jagan’s pet scheme, the Navaratnalu-Pedalandariki Illu (housing for the poor). In a boost to the plan, some 10,000 beneficiaries from a single layout at Gunkalam in Vizianagaram district have come forward to sign an MoU with a government-assigned construction company, promising their help to start the construction works.

It was on December 30 in 2020 that the chief minister inaugurated the layout, the third-largest single layout in the state, to build a total of 11,091 houses on an area of 400 acres.

When DC inquired about the progress of the works, on Thursday, it was revealed that only 1080 odd among them were grounded so far. The remaining beneficiaries would need to start the work.

The government had assigned M/S Rockrete Infrastructure and Logistics Pvt Ltd to help the beneficiaries build the houses as per set standards.

"Nearly 3000 beneficiaries in the Gunkalam layout have so far signed the MoU with the firm. The remaining will join soon and the deadline is June 30. A delay may lead to cancellation of the house sites," housing project director Ramana Murthy said.

The firm was given the task when many of the beneficiaries were not able to take up the construction work on their own.

The works included arranging labour, daily monitoring of the housing work, watering, procurement of raw materials etc, said the layout in charge Ranga Rao.

A bank mela is also being held for opening bank accounts to beneficiaries for online transactions of money from the government without they having to depend on a second person, as it might result in corruption, he added.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Housing secretary Ajay Jain said Chief Minister Jagan paid special attention to the housing project. He wanted them to see all the beneficiaries start living in the houses at the earliest.

Some of the beneficiaries have occupied their houses even though the infrastructure facilities like roads and street lights were yet to be provided, Jain said.

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