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Watch: Bajrang Dal activists bully Amulya's father in Chikkamagaluru

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Published on: February 21, 2020 | Updated on: February 21, 2020

Activists barge into Amulya Leona's house in Chikkamagalur and demand an explanation from her father for her anti-national' behaviour

Photo: Amulya's Facebook page

Photo: Amulya's Facebook page

Within hours after Chikkamagalur girl Amulya Leona Noronha shouted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at a public meeting in Karnataka capital Bengaluru’s Freedom Park, Bajrang Dal activists stormed her parents’ house in Shivapura village in Koppa last night.

An exclusive video shot by a Deccan Chronicle reporter shows activists barging into Amulya Leona’s house in Chikkamagalur and demanding an explanation from her father for her ‘anti-national’ behaviour at the protest venue in Bengaluru.

The college student stunned the audience yesterday when she launched off into a speech in which the phrase ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ stood out but the import of what she meant to say is still not clear.

In the video of the incident, Amulya is seen shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ thrice before Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi and others rush to snatch away the mike from her. They admonish her, saying she can’t make such statements. To them Amulya says in Hindi, "You have given me the mike, so let me speak." Later she is heard saying "Hindustan Zindabad". By which time the crowd and those on the dais go berserk and a policeman whisks her away even as she is saying, "When I say "Pakistan Zindabad, Hindustan Zinadabad, the difference is..."

As the incident created a statewide sensation, a band of Bajrang Dal activists descended on Amulya’s father’s house in Koppa in Chikkamagalur late in the evening and engaged him in a heated exchange over the conduct of his daughter. (Later, after the activists left the scene, stones started raining down on the house.)

Amulya’s father Vaji (who incidentally is the Hariharapura JD(S) Hobli president) was bullied by Bajrang Dal activists who asked him if what his daughter said was acceptable to him.

Here are excerpts from the exchange between Amulya Leona’s father and the Bajrang Dal activists.

 BD: Are you okay with your daughter’s statement?
Father: No, I don’t approve of it. It’s definitely a mistake.
BD: Would you let her come back to your house?
Father: Yes, she is my daughter....(inaudible due ambient noise)
BD: Do you mean to say that you would shelter an anti-national?
Father: No. I won’t let her come back. Let her stay in jail for a while.

At this point, Bajrang Dal activists get wild and one of them is heard saying: "You know what you are talking? Be grateful that we did not vandalise your house or even bomb you. We are being nice to you.

Father: (Doesn’t know how to react, so just nods in acceptance.)
BD: What action do you think the Centre should take against her?
Father: Let her rot in jail. Let the law takes its course and let her be punished as per law. I have no problem with that.
BD: What kind of daughter have you raised? Didn’t you know that she spoke made many anti-Modi statements 10 days ago?
Father: Yes. I am aware of it. And not just me, the entire family feels let down by her behaviour. She’s always been a rebel and never once paid heed to our words. Her provocative speeches are a result of her hanging around with some Muslim people (this he says in a hushed tone)
BD: Why did you tone down? Who are you afraid of? Your daughter said that when she spoke against Modi, you called to check if she was safe. Where the hell do you think you are living, in India or Pakistan? We love Hindustan and we are Hindus. Do you love your country or not?
Father: I am a Hindu too and love my country. I haven’t been in touch with her (his daughter) over the last five days. In fact I recently stayed in Bengaluru persuading her to abandon all the activism and return home but she didn’t budge. In fact the last time I called, I asked her to take me to hospital as I am a heart patient. Even then she didn’t want to come.
BD: Say Hindustan Zindabad. Zor se bolo.
Father: Hindustan Zindabad

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Watch | Exclusive video shot by Deccan Chronicle reporter shows #BajrangDal activists barging into #AmulyaLeona house in Chikkmagalur and demanding an explanation from her father for her #AntiNational at the protest venue in Bengaluru (2/2) #AntiCAAprotest #Bengaluru #FreedomPark

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