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It’s time legislators pulled up their socks

Published Nov 20, 2016, 3:08 am IST
Updated Nov 20, 2016, 7:27 am IST
Hopefully this step will help curb corruption and bring it down by at least 10 to 20 per cent.
Preparations are on in full swing for the winter session at Suvarna Vidhana Soudha Belagavi on Monday. (Photo: KPN)
 Preparations are on in full swing for the winter session at Suvarna Vidhana Soudha Belagavi on Monday. (Photo: KPN)

Demonetisation is making life difficult for the common man. But people of this country are used to hardships. Hopefully this step will help curb corruption and  bring it down by at least 10  to 20 per cent. We should now be able look forward to only legal transactions by  members of the BJP.

My primary concern is how the rural community in Karnataka will be affected by the demonetisation. Unlike people in small towns and cities, who invest in chit funds with insurance, those in rural areas tend to invest in small chit funds, which do not offer such protection.


Rural communities are therefore more likely to be duped by these small chit fund enterprises, which have a borrowing rate of two  to three per cent a month, that is exorbitant and literally amounts to looting.

The demonetisation of the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes will help clean up the system as it is likely to affect these chit fund companies. I believe in the long run it may help the rural communities too as it will drive them to borrow from government lending sources such as banks. And this in turn will mean less harassment from unscrupulous moneylenders.


I expect a few things from the Belagavi session of the state legislature that begins on Monday. I would like the public representatives to discuss the plight of the farmers due to the serious drought- like situation in the state and also the new liquor policy.

Another major issue that needs attention is the shortage of manpower in government, which has over three lakh vacancies at the moment. But the issues that I think will hog the limelight at the session are demonetisation and Tanveer Sait. While the Congress will rake up demonetisation, the BJP will bank on the Tanveer Sait episode to gain mileage.


On the subject of Tanveer Sait, I feel the minister should have been sacked at the first opportunity. By keeping him on board the Congress is displaying double standards. After the porngate episode involving three BJP MLAs in Karnataka, the Congress party should have been more careful.

Mining baron- turned- politician, Janardhan Reddy’s daughter’s wedding should cause an uproar. It is time such extravagant weddings were banned. What a colossal waste of money. I feel this too should be discussed during the  session.

As usual there is nothing to say about our MLAs. Most of them are irresponsible and only come to the legislative assembly to sign the attendance register. I think they  make a mockery of the democratic system by simply collecting their allowances and making a hue and cry in the House. I honestly feel our MLAs taking part in our democratic exercise is a massive waste of time and


From Prime Minister Narendra Modi I expect good governance and a clean, scam-free government, just as he promised. I am hoping his government will bring in electoral reforms. We need a Lokayukta that performs. I hope the government will take some action in this regard.

Finally I feel that the proposed legislators’ township in Kadugodi plantation amounts to apartheid. The land was given to the Dalit community some 60 years ago under a co-operative rule. The government needs to keep its word and provide the Dalits adequate compensation.


Besides, when we live in a democracy how can public representatives live in an exclusive township? They should live among the common folk if they want to understand their problems. The very idea is wrong and strongly recalls the days of apartheid.

Ravi Krishna Reddy
— The writer is president, Forum for Building Bribe-Free Karnataka