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Mangaluru: Stolen jewels return to family after 2 days

Published Sep 20, 2017, 4:29 am IST
Updated Sep 20, 2017, 4:29 am IST
Do-gooder drops pack at victims’ house with a note.
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 (Representational image)

Mangaluru: A family that was burgled of about 99 sovereigns of gold and Rs 12,000 cash last Saturday had a surprise on Monday, when a bag containing about 80 per cent of the stolen golden ornaments was 'dropped' at their doorstep by an unidentified person.

Thieves struck the house of Shekhar and Thilottama in Adu Maroli when the husband and wife were out at work on Saturday. The couple had filed a case at the local police station.


"On Monday, my husband and some relative were at home. Around 3 pm, our relative heard our dog bark and came out. She saw somebody drop something on our premises and go on a two wheeler,” Thilottama told Deccan Chronicle.

 “She was scared for a moment and immediately rushed in to call my husband. As she was in bit of a shock, she did not go out to see the vehicle or check its registration number,” she added. 

“The man had dropped a packet containing about 80 per cent of the stolen gold ornaments. The remaining 20 percent gold and cash has not been returned,” she said.

The interesting part in the entire episode is the note found in the packet. It reads, "I along with my friend was returning home on September 16 around 12.30 am when my vehicle ran out of petrol. I was walking when I saw four youths jump over a compound wall and running with some bags in their hand. I questioned them, but did not get a proper answer. I chased them and caught hold one of them. He escaped, but I managed got snatch the bag from his hand." 

It further reads, "I saw the bag had gold ornaments. Though I thought of returning it to the police, I was scared that the police might suspect me as the other bag was still with the youths who escaped. I decided to drop it in your house as I had seen the youths coming from here."

The person also stated that he was innocent and asked the family not to punish him for the crime he did not commit.  “Please do not fix me in the case. If something like that is done, I and my mother will have to end our life," the letter stated.

He has also suggested that the family should check the CCTV camera near their house, which is in Jayangara, as it could provide some clues.  

Location: India, Karnataka, Mangaluru