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Politics a chance for me to serve people, says Avinash Jadhav

Published May 20, 2019, 1:29 am IST
Updated May 20, 2019, 1:29 am IST
He got married about five months back and was looking for a career in the medical field.
Dr Avinash Jadhav
 Dr Avinash Jadhav

Politics is not new for the BJP candidate in Chincholi Dr Avinash Jadhav, his family has been in politics since the independence movement. He got married about five months back and was looking for a career in the medical field. But his father Dr Umesh Jadhav's decision to contest against veteran Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge changed everything.

It was alleged by political opponents of Dr Umesh Jadhav that one of the conditions the latter had put forth for joining the BJP was the allotment of the Chincholi seat to his son or brother. So accordingly the ticket has been given to the 25-year-youth who was doing the final year of his MD course in general medicine. Dr Avinash had to skip his medical exams to face the by-election. Here are excerpts from an interview with him.


You have just plunged into politics. How did you find the going?  

It's good, the response was very good, because during the previous five years (when my father was the legislator), works which had not been done for several years, were carried out. The people's expectations were high; that's why they elected him for a second term. But during the last one year, not much development works took place.  That's why he quit the Congress and joined BJP.

This field is new to you; you had no intention to join politics. How difficult has it been for you to adjust to the new atmosphere?


No...not much difficulty. I was not involved in political activities directly. My  main goal in politics is development; we have to take this electoral route to reach Vidhan Soudha.

After my MD course, I wanted to join the medical field. But due to pressure from local people, who have high expectations, I joined politics. My father never discriminated against anyone. Thandas were very backward earlier; now there is some improvement.

Did you find the going very tough in the by-election? The top leadership of the Congress camped here to avenge the defection of your father


 These ministers and others leaders are now coming to Chincholi and blaming my father. But during the past eleven months, when no development took place and my father repeatedly asked them to visit our constituency, they did not pay attention.   My father used to tell common people how much difficulty he faced and how this government functioned. We are not after power; for us this is an opportunity to serve people. Before joining politics my father was in a very good position in the Central service. We want to develop the constituency. Although the Hyderabad Karnataka region is backward, conditions are worse in  Chincholi taluk.


During last five years when my father was legislator, things have improved a lot, 18,000 houses were built during five years.  

Still there are burning isues.. poverty is rampant and poor Lambani women abandon their female babies for male babies. Some years back there were reports of babies being sold to orphanages. You are a doctor, what plan do you have?  

First we have to provide basic needs to people. Then educating them and creating job opportunities will be major issues. That's why we have made the issue of setting up a sugar factory our main  agenda. Our conscience won't let us turn our back to problems of the people.


When Dr Umesh Jadhav joined BJP, he criticised veteran Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge accusing him of practicing dynastic politics. After you were made the BJP candidate, the Congress has been trying aggressively to beat your father with the same stick. They also highlighted the issue of alleged backstabbing by your father. How did you counter these?

If you ask people, they don't want Priyank Kharge to be minister. It's not family politics, people suggested my name, it's people who forced my father to get me into politics.I was happily married five months back...I have exams to write. It's people who demanded that I join politics.