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Bengaluru: This poll is about PM Modi, there is no opposition – Chetan Bhagat

Published May 20, 2019, 1:03 am IST
Updated May 20, 2019, 11:05 am IST
He believes that his book will help students preparing for the competitive exams and provide an overview of the issues concerning the nation.
Author Chetan Bhagat
 Author Chetan Bhagat

Bengaluru: “I have been writing about issues in the newspapers and felt that since many like my take on national issues, I should write a book on the same. A lot of young people get confused about the national issues and I wanted to explain a gamut of subjects like GST, corruption and casteism etc,” said Chetan Bhagat, an author.

He believes that his book, India Positive will help students preparing for the competitive exams and provide an overview of the issues concerning the nation.


“I have not taken extreme position by trying to portray India is horrible or there is nothing that could be changed here. I have tried to give solutions to many issues,” the celebrated author adds. In the age of Instagram where a youth spends a minute on a video and with the dwindling trend of reading books, the 216 page book will be a compendium on trending issues.  Having been targeted on social media for leaning towards the BJP, the author says he refuses to get slotted.  “I may have praised them seven years ago. If I feel so strongly I may join them, why should I lean?" he said. The 10 per cent quota for economically backward in general category might have had faced criticism, but Bhgat feels that every party supported it.


“Today we have technology that can track the incomes. There should be a reform and economic criteria are a step towards it. If one's father is a gazetted officer, you don't need it. The criteria should be revised,” Bhagat opines.

Demonetisation and GST were the two economic decisions the opposition criticized sharply, and felt is had led to rising unemployment.
“Unemployment can be resolved if the GDP goes above 10%. I do not know how the government will create more jobs, but the growth of the GDP is certainly they need to concentrate,” he said.


On the issue of demonetisation the author felt the major issue was the way it was executed.

He, however, felt the decision was liked by many since for the first time a Prime Minister so boldly went against the privileged class. The ruling dispensation harped on the issue of nationalism throughout the campaigning and any voice of dissent was dubbed anti-national.

“The government overrated it and created a star like Kanhaiya Kumar. This election is on Modi as there is no opposition,” he concluded.

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