BJP star candidate Sreesanth says Kerala a city, gets trolled

Tweets flooded teaching Sree that Kerala is not a city but a state.

Kochi: It was a bad day for cricketer Sreesanth, BJP’s star candidate. First, Keralites gave him a geographical lesson for a twitter gaffe and then Congress MP Shashi Tharoor ‘advised’ him to do some homework before entering politics.

Sreesanth, who became active on Twitter and Facebook after the announcement of his candidature, in a tweet claimed that he can make Kerala world’s best ‘City’.
“The change is must in Kerala Nd Iam sure It will happen this time..we can be world’s best city if we all work together.” (sic) Sreesanth tweeted.

Keralites on Twitter were quick to troll him. Tweets flooded teaching Sree that Kerala is not a city but a state. One tweet said, “If Kerala is city then India must be a state for u. Please hire someone who can write your tweets (sic).”

“Kerala? City? Omg u need a lesson in general knowledge and geography first. then in political science (sic),” another tweet said. Fed up over the trolls, Sree blocked several users.

Shashi Tharoor’s tweet asking Sreesanth to take some lessons in politics too was not well received by the bowler. Tharoor embedding a YouTube video, in which a news reader exposed Sree, tweeted saying Sreesanth needs to do his homework.

Subsequently, Sreesanth criticised Tharoor saying, “would have loved to keep bowling them (bouncers) but did u even call or help me and my family or did u even have any word to help me..**?**when me and my family was struggling (sic).

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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