Ireland touts its stay-back visa to attract students

The fair saw around 350 students lined up at the various university desks.

Bengaluru: “India is the biggest of the six key markets that we aim at for education. According to a 2015-2016 survey, we have around 2,000 Indian students and have seen an increase of about 85 per cent in their influx. Most of them opt to work there. Now that the 24 months stay-back visa has been introduced, we should see almost a double the number of students in the next three years,” said Mr Barry O'Driscoll, an education advisor to Ireland.

He was speaking to Deccan Chronicle about the 24-month stay back visa option for the Master’s and PHD students. He was in the city along with Dr. Murray Scott, lecturer at the National University of Ireland in Galway, at the fifth Education in Ireland Fair on Sunday.

The fair saw around 350 students lined up at the various university desks. “Not only the stay back visa, but also Brexit has increased opportunities for Ireland. We have been receiving an increasing number of queries from non-EU countries and it is extremely positive for Ireland. We have great research opportunities and good funding and we are welcoming people. I would say the relationship is building and Ireland is coming to the forefront. US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies have also definitely impacted the number of students who want to come and study in Irish universities and institutes. Indian students who would want to go to the US are turning towards us. I’ve heard from agents that the students are quite scared to go to the US and are uncertain if they would receive their immigration documents,” Dr Scott said. “50,000 job opportunities are projected until 2020 and a 200 percent increase in Indian students. They could make the best of it.”

“Indian students, particularly Bengalureans, are very qualitative than quantitative and they do their homework before they approach us. They research well and know exactly what they want. They are also experienced in their field and have a strong undergraduate background,” said Mr Driscoll.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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