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Wears khakhi again to be model auto driver

Deccan Chronicle| R Prince Jebakumar

Published on: February 20, 2016 | Updated on: February 20, 2016

Ex-cop says he will stick to fare meter.

Auto driver  S. Sekar in the city, on Friday. (Photo: DC)

Auto driver S. Sekar in the city, on Friday. (Photo: DC)

Chennai: S. Sekar, a policeman who was part of the core team that cracked sensational psycho-killer case here, has donned the ‘khakhi’ again, but only to become a model autorickshaw driver, post-retirement. Sekar had hung up his boots as a special sub-inspector in November 2014.

"Something that I love doing other than policing was driving an autorickshaw. Before becoming a cop, I was doing that as well with a valid license during 1979-1984. Therefore, I purchased an autorickshaw and had been ferrying passengers sticking to the fare meter since June 3 last year", he told DC.

Admitting that most  autorickshaw drivers do not ply by meters, Sekar said he would be a model autorickshaw driver charging passengers only the meter fare.

He makes a minimum of Rs 500 per day by plying by meter fare and the earnings cross Rs 1,000 a day on busy days. It is not the money he is after since he gets a decent pension while his elder daughter works in the administration wing of Dr Ambedkar Law University.  He said he is doing it for dignity. He ignores the abuses of autorickshaw drivers who fleece passengers.

"I would not preach them. Rather, I would just keep plying by fare meter. They would amend their ways in course of time. I would not turn down any trip until 10 pm.  And, I also take a compulsory day off in the week", says Sekar.

Sekar has brought smiles in many passengers, including an NRI (non-resident-Indian) from Singapore, who was harassed for weeks during his stay.

"He was shocked when I said all that he needs to pay was the meter fare", recalls Sekar. Some of his passengers take down his contact number to find if he is in the vicinity for engaging his vehicle.

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